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Are you and your spouse ready to be Couplestrong?

COUPLES Counseling

Whether in crisis or feeling disconnected, couples counseling can help.

individual counseling

We want to help you find your path toward healing and recovery.

Marriage Intensives

Experience better therapeutic outcome from Intensive Couples Therapy.

Porn Recovery

Break the cycle of addiction and recover from porn's negative impact.


We believe that mental health services should be easy and accessible.

Couplestrong Seminars

Learn what it means to be Couplestrong at our world-renowned weekend workshop for couples created by Chris Cambas and our Couplestrong staff. See for yourself why thousands of couples worldwide have benefited from
being Couplestrong.

  • 2 days filled with engaging presentations and experiential activities designed to enhance, strengthen, or restore your bond
  • For couples of every age
  • Has produced positive results for over 90% of those who attend

Couplestrong workshops are based on 40,000 hours of face to face therapy with thousands of couples. Our workshops will give you new insights and research-based skills that can dramatically improve the intimacy and friendship in your relationship and help you manage conflict in a healthy, positive way.

Clinical Training for Mental Health Professionals

National Marriage Seminars in an independent multimedia company that embraces the world’s major clinical approaches to therapy. We work diligently to create and host courses that not only provide information to a reader or viewer but also embody the original intent of the creator.

Our goal is to be one of the world’s leading providers and producers of clinical therapy trainings. Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content, services, and products, we strive to develop the most creative and innovative clinical training experiences in the world.